Global Game Jam Wellington – 2021



Welcome to Global Game Jam Wellington 2021! Here you’ll find all of the essentials and resources to help you prep for the jam.

When: Friday, January 29th – Sunday, January 31st, 2021

6:00pm – Keynote and theme reveal

Where: At your house!

This year, because of the circumstances of the world, Global Game Jam HQ is making this years jam an online-only event. I understand that we are lucky enough in NZ to have


Please register for the Jam on the Official Global Game Jam website this year.
Register for the jam here!

Because the event is online this year and we aren’t aiming to be at a single location, I’m happy to open up the doors of GGJ Welly to any jammers in New Zealand.

If you’re joining us for the first time, please have a read of the Jam Rules and Code of Conduct. By signing up for the jam, you’re agreeing to abide by these rules. In general, be a lovely and kind human.

Jam Rules

Code of Conduct


What is Global Game Jam?

Global Game Jam is a 48 hour jam where developers from over 75 countries around the world create games based on a single theme. Your welcome to come with a pre-formed team, fly solo, or come without a team and create a team to work with. Find a more info on the Global Game Jam Website


Why should I do Global Game Jam?

Mostly, because it’s fun, but it’s also great way to improve your game development skills. You’ll meet new people in the industry and be part of a huge world wide event. It’s also great for your portfolio, as it gives you a finished game to show off. Some great and successful games even started off as Game Jam Games, such as Surgeon Simulator and Screencheat.

If you’re an aspiring game developer there is probably no single thing that will do more for your skills than doing as many game jams as possible.

Here’s what Unity has to say about it.


Who is this for?

Anyone who does anything to do with making games, or wants to do things to do with making games.

It’s often thought that Artists and Programmers are the only ones who can useful in a game jam, but there will no doubt be stuff to do for Game Designers, UI Artists, Graphic Designers, Musicians, Sound Designers, Voiceover Performers, Writers or anything that could find use in a game.

No game dev experience? That’s OKAY! You can team up with some more experienced people and use this as an opportunity to pick up some skills.

If you’d like to brush up on some skills, Global Game Jam has some great resources that you can take advantage of.



Registration begins at 5:30pm on Friday, January 31st. Keynotes and Theme Reveal will happen at about 6:30pm.

Find the full Schedule here.


Things to Prep

  • If you’ve got a team already, figure out your source control (eg. Git or Perforce)
  • A water bottle that seals (easier than buying someone a new computer) – Also good for storing soft drinks
  • A coffee mug with a seal-able top
  • Headphones
  • Snacks (we will provide some, but bring your faves if you need some))
  • A notebook / Pen

Here are some suggestions on how to prep from Extra Credits, GGJ’s keynote speaker from 2017


Social Media/Info

We have several social media options to choose from:

  • GGJ Welly Facebook Group and Facebook Event
  • Google Calendar Event – click the link and “save” to get a copy of the event in your personal calendar
  • Twitter – Official Hashtags: #ggjwelly #ggj20
  • Discord – Here’s the link for our server this year!
    • Join us here to share ridiculous gifs, ask for help, find someone to try out your game, and to get announcements before and during the jam
    • This year, it will be the main place where we can connect


Jam Resources

There are many resources that Global Game Jam has collected, including access to software, and articles to read up on. It’s worth taking a look, especially if you’re new to game development. Also remember to download any software early so you’re ready to go when you arrive.

Global Game Jam Sponsored Resources

Another Resource List

A Note on Boardgames



Finding the theme too broad and need some extra constraints? Done so many jams that you want an extra challenge? Diversifiers are here for you! They are suggestions or constraints that give you a focus while also having you expand your mind and skills to help fit them into your game. There is a wide variety and it’s worth it to have a look at the list while you’re coming up with your core loop.


Jam Rules

A full set of rules for the Jam. They are straight forward and include info about both the site expectations and global game jam rules (uploading, game requirements, etc). The Attendance Agreement includes the Code of Conduct, the Network Agreement, and the Liability Waiver (all three of which you have agreed to when registering for the jam).

Find the Jam Rules here, and the Code of Conduct here.



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